Round-the-Clock Care

Treatment Plan Development

The range of services we provide residents at Crescent Manor in Grafton, MA offer a comprehensive array of advantages for both you and your loved ones. We handle all tasks that have to do with providing medical and non-medical attention to our facility’s residents.

Residential Care Living

Residents enjoy responsive assistance with daily living tasks such as showering, dressing, and medications. We also make arrangements for transportation to and from scheduled medical appointments.

In-House Physicals

When truly necessary, residents are accompanied by our staff on appointments to the doctor. Our board certified, primary care physicians also do in-house physicals and offer 24-hour follow-up care.

Diagnostic Tests

To develop a cohesive treatment plan, we interface with all medical service providers. We are contracted with outside labs for tests and blood work. EKG's and x-rays are done in our facility.

Attentive Monitoring

We work closely with residents’ next of kin so that treatment progress is properly monitored. The social workers that we have on board meet with families and residents regularly so that progress gets monitored efficiently.

Licensed Nurse Supervision

All residents are taken care of under the supervision of a licensed nurse that’s always available for calls 24 hours a day. Residents can also opt for the services of our primary care physician. Physicians are also available to residents round-the-clock.

Consider full-time care options for your loved ones. Call us at 508-839-2124 for facility tour schedules.